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Thank you from Fifty-Three Six

After a busy 2017, we finally had the opportunity to stop and reflect on what was a great year! We are forunate to have a great network of super talented friends and associates in the production and digital marketing industries. It was a pleasure to work with you all.

We also had many clients take a punt with us… and we are truly grateful for the opportunity. We are very much looking forward to doing some great work with you all in 2018. A special thanks goes to the great team at Horizon Sports who were particularly generous to us.

Fifty-Three Six brand identity update

We wanted to evolve our brand identity as we moved into 2018.

We worked with the incredibly talented designer and Nate-Dogg aficionado - James Cullen, who created a new logo, wordmark and brand identity for us.

The name Fifty-Three Six, comes from the coordinates of where we are from - Dublin. 53°19'25.6"N 6°15'08.4"W. For anyone visiting, Fifty-Three Six social media or looking at a Fifty-Three Six presentation, James created a ‘brand impact’ moment where we would showcase the coordinates.

Our ‘actual’ logo was a wordmark that used “subtle stenciling, which would be a nod to the stencil vernacular that is omnipresent within sport.”

James created a brand framework which we will build upon over the coming years.


With dozens of productions over the year, we had been fortunate enough to capture some incredible video. We wanted to create a show-reel with a twist - something that could communicate both our production prowess and our capabilities in distribution.

We created a storyboard in house and worked with editor Ciaran Murray to pull together a video edit. We then briefed Hugo Johnson to do some motions graphics wizardry and bring our brand to life. Finally, we enlisted the services Oscar winning Foley artist, long-time collaborator and all-round sound man James ‘The Doctor’ Latimer to do the sound design.

The product was a Hype-reel that we’re very proud of, and really brings our brand to life. It was also a good opportunity to reflect on a great 2017!

Thanks team!

Fifty-Three Six


Marcus McDonnell