As noted, we pride ourselves in providing ROI for our clients. We do this through a mix of paid social, programmatic display and search.

Although as sports fans we want to produce rich, compelling video, we also believe that video can be powerful. When you look at an objective like ticket sales for example, video can help transport people to the stadium and tell a story in a much more emotive way than a simple image.

Whether it be driving ticket sales, retail, an OTT platform or simply increased consideration, our approach is to reach the right users at the the right time with the right message. We are wedded to no specific platform and will optimise towards the best performing channel

For a full selection of our videos check us out on Vimeo.

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Our client, Allianz, were embarking a unique milestone in 2017 - the 25th year of the Allianz Leagues. Such a long lasting title sponsorship is a rarity in the modern environment and this commitment to the GAA and to the community should be celebrated.

Our challenge:

  • Develop a digital strategy that would activate the ongoing sponsorship

  • Produce video content that would bring to life the longevity of the Allianz Leagues

  • Ensure this content was consumed widely by a relevant and engaged audience

Strategy & Execution

To truly capture the breadth of the Allianz Leagues, we decided to utilise footage from the beginning of the Allianz Leagues in 1993 right up to the modern day.

However we wanted to build a deeper narrative than just producing video content that summarised the course of the Leagues:

  • We developed a concept for a six-part digital video series celebrating the Allianz Leagues, told through the lens of some of its most famous players and their journey during the competition

  • By focusing on famous players who went on to become managers during that time, we were able to use footage from both eras, which would bring the length of the sponsorship to life

  • We produced 5x 45 clips on Davy Fitzgerald, Kieran McGeeney, Peter Canavan, Jim Gavin, Michael Ryan and Eamonn Fitzmaurice

  • In addition to this, we produced a ‘hero’ video which told the story of the Allianz Leagues in one dynamic video

  • These videos were produced for performance on social platforms and we ran campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube from the official GAA and Allianz channels.

  • In addition to this, we worked with key GAA publishers to reach an engaged organic audience with the content.


We took an iterative approach to the campaigns, optimising for best performing copy, creative, thumbnail and duration. Over 3 million people saw the videos created, with extremely strong engagement seen throughout the campaign.

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Bet365 tasked us with the creation of an engaging video series in the build-up to the Mayweather and McGregor fight in August 2017

The videos would need to be:

  1. Social – short, sharp & shareable

  2. Purposeful – driving engagement and performance (sign ups)

  3. Global – work for different bet365 betting markets

  4. Insightful – would provide bet365 users and casual fight fans some insight into the fight

Strategy & Execution

  • We signed up a number of boxing and MMA experts who would provide some technical expertise, but also some fight hype

  • We sourced suitable locations – namely gritty gym environments – to enhance the look and feel

  • We created several types of videos:

    • Technical explainers – for the avid fight fans

    • Making the Case for – for the more casual punters


  • Single biggest sign up event for bet365 in their history

  • Views and engagements surpassed any previous video series bet365 had created

  • Two new video series formats were created (below) which have since been employed for different events (e.g. The Ashes)





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eir wanted to activate their association with the GAA Football Championships with a premium digital video series.

The video series would need to:

  1. Be engaging – creating a buzz online

  2. Utilise eir sponsorship assets and brand ambassadors

  3. Tie in with eir’s new brand messaging ‘Let’s Make Possible”

  4. Position eir as a digitally savvy, positive brand

Strategy & Execution

  • We set about creating a 4-part video series with the theme of “making possible” focusing on how both players or fans play their part to make success or happiness possible through the GAA championship
  • Each video would be be structured with a reveal of a statistic - in and of itself an aspiration, the narrative of the video would then show how the player / fans go about trying to achieve this aspiration
  • The four shoots - filmed in conjunction with FailSafe Films, directed by Ian Hunt Duffy, would be beautifully shot, in stunning, iconic GAA locations across the country.


  • The campaign reached over 1M GAA fans, and achieved more than 500k views
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  • Build brand awareness for the GAANOW platform

  • Drive traffic to the GAANOW platform

Strategy & Execution

  • We produced an emotive and high impact piece of video content to drive awareness and conversation around GAANOW

  • We then seeded in-game clips and teasers in real time to drive people to the site


  • Achieved over 4 million views for 'Where History Happens'. 

  • Video was shown in Croke park at the 2017 All Ireland Final.

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Help to sell out the Aviva Stadium for the 2017 Guinness Series games against South Africa, Fiji (problematic fixture) and Argentina

Strategy & Execution

  • Use a mix of prospecting and retargeting strategies to convert Irish rugby fans

  • We used programmatic display and paid social to drive users into the top of the funnel and then convert through retargeting and lookalike audiences


  • Successfully helped IRFU sell the Guinness Autumn Series at the Aviva stadium for the first time.

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Sky Bet commissioned us to produce a video series around the Sky Bet Championship playoffs – the richest game in football - which would activate their sponsorship of the EFL.

Specifically, we were tasked with:

  • Building a video content series that encapsulated the Agony & the Ecstasy of the Play-Offs

  • Producing video content specifically for performance on social platforms that would drive massive engagement and awareness

  • Generating maximum buzz among football fans in the UK

Strategy & Execution

  • To truly capture the agony and ecstasy of the playoffs and what it means to the fans, we decided to talk to the people it mattered the most to: the fans themselves.

  • We worked with Sky Bet and the EFL to gain access to the grounds of the all the teams competing in the Playoffs

  • Through our research, we identified lifelong fans of each of the teams and interviewed them in the stadium of their team

  • In the empty stadia, we asked them questions based on each fixture and the Play-Offs in general, ensuring we had content to run through the entirety of the Play-Offs

  • We cut this footage with high impact archive footage from games throughout the season and previous Play-Off games. This allowed us to create emotive but impactful content that was eminently sharable

  • We produced six videos:

    • 1 Play-Off promo

    • 4 Semi-Final previews

    • 1 Finals preview

  • We subsequently campaigned these videos on social media, targeting different audiences like fans of the teams in questions, football fans, EFL fans and competitor brands. We married the creative with different copy, thumbnails and CTAs, optimising for the best performing. We later retargeted users who had watched at least 10 seconds of the original videos.


  • Due to the strength of the content in this campaign, optimising throughout, we achieved more than 2.4m organic views for the client. Our video was also displayed on the big screen at Wembley in the Championship Play-Off final 15 minutes before kick-off.

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Drive ticket sales for the Welsh Rugby Union to their Autumn fixtures against Australia, Georgia, New Zealand and South Africa

Strategy & Execution

  • We began by targeting Welsh rugby fans to pick up the lower hanging fruits

  • We then analysed data sets of who was converting and prospected new audiences like Ex-Pat communities

  • We retargeted users who had shown interest or intent by watching videos or visiting the website


WRU had an incredibly successful Under-Armour series, and with the help of Fifty-Three Six, surpassed their ticketing targets for the campaign.