Driving Revenue from Social Campaigns

We were delighted to be afforded the opportunity to speak at an International Sports Chamber of Commerce event in Lausanne earlier this month - ‘Social Content For Commercial Return.’ The attendance was predominantly rights holders and our segment specifically focused on generating revenue from digital video content.

Given we have recently delivered a presentation on the topic, we decided to share the wealth and publish the main takeaways from our segment in a blog post!

To be clear, we’re talking specifically about generating revenue from video campaigns and not monetising video assets, although is an area we also focus on and will write separately about soon.

Firstly, to set some context, the reason this is even a relevant conversation in the current climate is because the growth in digital video ad spend is growing exponentially. The US market alone will see annual double-digit growth in online video ad spending up to 2021, culminating in about $22 billion dollars and 17% of total digital ad spend. 

One of the drivers of this growth is the scale and data that the social platforms can provide, as well as the fact that TV advertising is not the behemoth that it used to be. People can consume premium content on a multitude of other online platforms now, so you are no longer guaranteed the scale and eyeballs of yesteryear on television.

To be clear, we are not writing the obituary for TV. It is still a massively important channel and can be as effective as any other platform, as part of the right strategy. However, cord-cutters and cord-nevers are on the rise and advertisers appreciate the measurement capabilities (albeit questionable at times) of digital platforms.

Marcus McDonnellComment